UVC technology for prevention and disinfection of biofilm in medical tubing

Our disinfection device is based on emerging UVC LED  (Ultraviolet-C light – Light Emitting Diodes) technology and a patented light guide used to transmit and distribute the UVC light in the lumen of medical tubes such as catheters and endotracheal tubes.

UVC light has been used for more than 100 years for disinfection of drinking water. UVC disinfection is a physical process where the UVC light modify/destroys the DNA of microbial cells so that cell multiplication is prevented.

How It Works

Disinfection of the inner surface of catheters and endotracheal tubes during use. 

Product, parts and use

A single-use light guide to be inserted into the external part of the central venous catheter or endotracheal tube. 

reusable light source providing UVC light into the Light Guide

The disposable UVC light guide is inserted briefly into the venous catheter/ET tube hub (connector is ISO standard). The light guide is a closed fluoropolymer tube filled with a saline solution.

A multi-use UVC light source with user defined features connected to the light guide.

The UV disinfection device exposes the inner surfaces of the medical tube in pre-set time for a > 4 log kill of all pathogens.


Biofilm formation in endotracheal tubes

It is well-known from in-vitro experiments and analysis of catheters and endotracheal tubes (ET tubes) removed from patients, such as, that microorganisms settle on surfaces and form a biofilm within 24 hours.

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