UVC Medical Device Disinfection

Our patented technology provides a fast, safe and efficient method for disinfecting medical tubing – even during use. 

The issue with Biofilm

Biofilm can be formed on the inner surfaces of medical tubing within 24 hours. 

It provides a perfect breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms and is very difficult to eradicate in places where traditional disinfectants cannot be used, such as venous catheters or endotracheal tubes in use. 


In the US, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) accounts for about 1.7 millions infections and 100,000 deaths each year.


Our Technology Contributes To Saving Lives!

Live application

Disinfection of the inner surface of catheters and endotracheal tubes during use

Highly effective

Kills all types of bacteria

Safe for the patient

No light exposure to the patient (medical tubes are non-transparent in UV-C spectral region)

A Unique Value Proposition

Disinfection while in-use

Our patented technology facilitates disinfection of the inner surfaces of Catheters and endotracheal tubes while these are in use.

UVC light has been used for more than 100 years for disinfection of drinking water. UVC disinfection is a physical process where the UVC light modify/destroys the DNA of microbial cells such that cell multiplication is prohibited.

Kill all types of bacteria

Kills all types of bacteria - Broad spectrum efficacy kills all types of bacteria and virus including antibiotic resistant pathogens and disinfection of formed biofilm with the use of a higher UVC dose.

UVC – disinfection works both in air and saline solutions and is effective against all types of bacteria and fungi – including drug-resistant bacteria. 

No light exposure

Our patented light delivery system ensures that the patient is not exposed to UVC-light - even during in-use application.

Shielded exposure of UV light. No light exposure to  patient tissue and staff.

No Use of disinfectants and antbiotics

Well-known kill mechanism used for disinfection in more than 100 years. No development of resistant pathogens.

UVC technology has the potential to prevent biofilm formation in medical tubing

UV Clinical has developed a unique technology, which can disinfect (4 – log reduction) inner surfaces of indwelling medical tubing such as catheters and endotracheal tubes. The technology is based on UVC-LED light. UVC light kills all kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria, vira and fungi. The technology does not use anti-microbial substances and disinfectants, and there is no development of multi-resistant organisms. In near future much more powerful UVC LEDs are available which allows killing of established biofilm.

Patented technology

Our disinfection device is based on emerging UVC LED (Ultraviolet-C light – Light Emitting Diodes) technology and a patented light guide used to transmit and distribute the UVC in the lumen of medical tubes such as catheters and endotracheal tubes.

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