A Letter from the CEO

When I was introduced to UV Clinical in the
early summer of 2021, I was amazed by the
incredibly exciting, proven and, not least,
patented technology.


Healthcare-associated infections from medical devices such as catheters are a major challenge
to patient health; a challenge which UV Clinical addresses in the most tangible way: our practical and very effective disinfection solution to eliminate infectious microorganisms in catheters and thereby reduce patient burden by eliminating the need for exchange of catheters.

Our technology is based on ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UVC-LEDs), which eliminates microbes by destroying their DNA, thus preventing further cell division and multiplication. 

UV Clinical’s technology is a paradigm shift for 100,000s of patients annually.

Our technology has already demonstrated its relevance. Now we are ready for the next step, the commercial maturation of our product.

Since taking up the responsibility as CEO and partner in August 2021, I have focused on preparing the company for the next part of our journey. We have worked hard on developing our strategy, business opportunities, technology, product development plans, and, not least, our patent portfolio.

Rolf H. Sprunk-Jansen
CEO, UV Clinical A/S

In addition, we have attracted a number of highly qualified people to contribute to our development from the board room and advisory panel.

We are determined to succeed with UV Clinical’s business concept, which is to develop a UVC light disinfection technology designed for the disinfection of central venous catheters during use!


I’m excited to be part of something bigger – something that will make a critical difference to other people and has a healthy business potential at the same time.


If you are interested in joining us on an exciting development journey, I hope you will consider subscribing for shares in UV Clinical.


Rolf H. Sprunk-Jansen
CEO, UV Clinical A/S

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