Disinfection tests in endotracheal tubes (ET)

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) occurs in up to 10-27% of ventilated patients in intensive care units (ICU). The condition can be diagnosed within 24 to 48 hours after endotracheal intubation.

Several scientific reports based on analysis of ET tubes removed from patients reveals that biofilm forms after 24 hours of intubation at the inner surface of the tube. It has been shown experimentally that the flow velocity of the airstream through the tube during ventilation can carry fragments of biofilm to distances of up to tens of centimeter from the distal opening of the ET tube. UV Clinical has in collaboration with Aarhus University (Microbiology analysis) demonstrated that UV Clinicals liquid light guide technology for simultaneous UVC exposure of the total inner tube lumen and surface is able to disinfect the inner lumen of ET tubes contaminated with Pseudomonas a. With the continuous improvement of UVC LED technology which results in much more powerful LEDs, ET tubes can be disinfected routinely in order to prevent biofilm formation in the tubes with the use of short UVC treatment times.


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