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    UVclinical is a technology company specializing in the use of ultra-violet C light emitting diodes (UVC - LEDs) for disinfection of medical devices.
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    • 10TH SEPTEMBER 2017
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    UV LED conference April 22, 2018 in Berlin

    A conference dedicated entirely to the development and application of ultraviolet light emitting diodes, the technology and their current and potential applications is scheduled to be held next year in Berlin. Abstracts for presentations and posters can be submitted to The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) before November 15 2017. The topics include all aspects of the used LED materials, manufacturing processes and systems. The applications include among others water treatment, disinfection in clinical environments, spectroscopy and curing. According to the organizers the conference will focus particularly on the challenges with the developments of short wave UV LEDs (UVC) for disinfection purposes. Link to the conference homepage.

    • 16TH JUNE 2017
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    High power UVC LEDs from Ray-Vio

    The California based innovative UVC LED manufacturer Ray-Vio announced recently a high power UVC LED (280 nm) with a maximum output of 70 mW germicidal light. This is among the most powerful UVC LEDs demonstrated so far. The company plan to develop and market an even more powerful UVC LED reaching 100 mW in near future. Ray-Vio had demonstrated that 5 mW UVC LEDs are applicable as well and can be used for disinfection of drinking water within a few minutes of UVC exposure. Read More

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