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    UVclinical is a technology company specializing in the use of ultra-violet C light emitting diodes (UVC - LEDs) for disinfection of medical devices.
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    • 16TH JUNE 2017
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    High power UVC LEDs from Ray-Vio

    The California based innovative UVC LED manufacturer Ray-Vio announced recently a high power UVC LED (280 nm) with a maximum output of 70 mW germicidal light. This is among the most powerful UVC LEDs demonstrated so far. The company plan to develop and market an even more powerful UVC LED reaching 100 mW in near future. Ray-Vio had demonstrated that 5 mW UVC LEDs are applicable as well and can be used for disinfection of drinking water within a few minutes of UVC exposure. Read More

    • 16TH JUNE 2017
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    European UVC LED development initiative (UNIQUE)

    The project UNIQUE funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology has as a goal to develop and mass produce UVC LEDs. The project consortium which includes among others Osram Opto Semiconductors, Schott AG, aprotec GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute from Germany covers the full value chain. The UVC LED industry started more than a decade ago with small innovative companies spun-out from tech universities primarily in the US followed by initiatives in South Korea and China. The market forecast for UVC LEDs is positive and it is expected that the LED technology in near future will be competitive with mercury lamp technology primarily for disinfection of water. The positive future expectations to market developments for the UVC LEDs attract larger and established semiconductor industries. The Bavarian initiative is in natural extension of the global trend in the field. The exiting point is which efficacy level the UVC LED technology can reach in near future when several larger industries take part in development and manufacturing. Further development and improvement of the UVC LED technology will be beneficial for the future industrial use of the LED technology in medical devices. Read More

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