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    UVclinical is a technology company specializing in the use of ultra-violet C light emitting diodes (UVC - LEDs) for disinfection of medical devices.
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    • 18TH OCTOBER 2017
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    UVclinical receives funding from the Danish Innobooster program

    UVclinical Aps has fall 2017 received a 500 DKK investment from the Innobooster program under Innovation Fund Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark supports new initiatives to create growth and employment in Denmark. The funding supports UVclinical’s development of devices for UV disinfection of implanted medical tubing. Read more

    • 10TH SEPTEMBER 2017
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    Research group at Cornell: A smart approach to enhance UVC LED efficiency

    The efficiency of deep ultraviolet light (< 280 nm) emitting diodes (UVC LED) for converting electrical power to UVC photon power (wall plug efficiency) is still low compared to diodes emitting light in the visible spectral region, for instance blue light (50%). A research group at Cornell University, NY has released a promising route for dealing with the basic physics that limits the UVC LED efficiency. According to postdoctoral researcher Moudud Islam, there are three basic problems that limit the efficiency of the UVC LEDs. Read more

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