• 16TH JUNE 2019

    UV disinfection of male ET tubes contaminated with MRSA

    Male endotracheal tubes with an inner diameter of 9.5 mm and length of 33 cm were contaminated with a suspension of 10^6 CFU/ml of a clinical isolate of a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)…Read more

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    • 10TH SEPTEMBER 2017

    Research group at Cornell: A smart approach to enhance UVC LED efficiency

    The efficiency of deep ultraviolet light (< 280 nm) emitting diodes (UVC LED) for converting electrical power to UVC photon power (wall plug efficiency) is still low compared to diodes emitting light in the visible spectral region, for instance blue light (50%). A research group at Cornell University, NY has released a promising route for dealing with the basic physics that limits the UVC LED efficiency. According to postdoctoral researcher Moudud Islam, there are three basic problems that limit the efficiency of the UVC LEDs. Read more

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    • 16TH DECEMBER 2017

    LG Innotek announces the first 100 mW UVC LED

    The South Korean semiconductor and LED manufacturer LG Innotek announces that the company has reached the magic 100 mW output from a UVC LED (200 – 280 nm). The increase in UVC output power is obtained by improving the light extraction from the LED. Lifetime is reported to be 10,000 hours. Read the full press release from LG Innotek: Link

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    • 16TH JUNE 2017

    High power UVC LEDs from Ray-Vio

    The California based innovative UVC LED manufacturer Ray-Vio announced recently a high power UVC LED (280 nm) with a maximum output of 70 mW germicidal light. This is among the most powerful UVC LEDs demonstrated so far. The company plan to develop and market an even more powerful UVC LED reaching 100 mW in near future. Ray-Vio had demonstrated that 5 mW UVC LEDs are applicable as well and can be used for disinfection of drinking water within a few minutes of UVC exposure. Read More

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