Welcome to UV Clinical

UVclinical is a company specialized in the development of devices using ultra-violet light emitting diodes (UVC – LED) for disinfection of medical implants. Our competences and experience with the disinfection capabilities of this future new UVC LED disinfection technology are gained through pioneering scientific work starting with adoption and experiments with early market UVC LED technologies.

Our goal is to continuously design, develop and patent disinfection devices that utilize the UVC LED technology and bring these devices close to the patient as separate technical solutions or in interaction with existing medical devices.

We strongly believe that the UVC LED technology will continuously contribute to the future development of novel disinfection applications. This development will accelerate as the LED technology continues to improve in efficiency, extended lifetimes and reduced costs.

Meet the Team


Jimmy Bak

CTO, Board Member


Helge Holm-Larsen

Chairman of the Board


Brian Schebye

Board Member