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    UVclinical is a technology company specializing in the use of ultra-violet C light emitting diodes (UVC - LEDs) for disinfection of medical devices.
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    • 13TH APRIL 2018
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    UVclinical poster presentation at ICULTA Berlin April 20-22 – 2018

    UVclinical has a poster presentation that shows our recent developments with UVC based technology for disinfection of medical device tube lumen exemplified by the disinfection of endotracheal tubes. The conference is dedicated entirely to the development and application of ultraviolet light emitting diodes, the technology and their current and potential applications.

    • 16TH DECEMBER 2017
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    LG Innotek announces the first 100 mW UVC LED

    The South Korean semiconductor and LED manufacturer LG Innotek announces that the company has reached the magic 100 mW output from a UVC LED (200 – 280 nm). The increase in UVC output power is obtained by improving the light extraction from the LED. Lifetime is reported to be 10,000 hours. Read the full press release from LG Innotek: Link

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